Open A11y OSS Issues Looking for Help

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start in contributing to Open Source Software, and often you might not have a particular repository in mind that you'd like to contribute to.

If you're passionate about accessibility, you might like to consider taking on open issues that will help improve the accessibility of an OSS project.

To help make this as easy as possible, we've listed below current issues referencing accessibility that are looking for help. Follow the links below to find out more about how you could contribute.

The list below includes open issues:

  • From open source GitHub projects
  • Referencing 'a11y', 'accessibility', or 'accessible'
  • Labelled with "Help wanted" or "Good first issue"
  • No assignee or pull request yet
  • Utilising JavaScript or HTML

Results are fetched via search query from the GitHub API, so you might see some outliers that are perhaps not as relevant. The most recently updated issues will appear first.

If you prefer, you can open the same search query in GitHub

Current Open Issues from GitHub

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