a web accessibility toolkit

tutorials & resources for developers seeking to build accessible web experiences

  • understand the who, what and why of accessibility, and set up your local environment and tooling

  • overcoming common accessibility challenges in React applications

  • essentials for creating accessible page structures and using semantic HTML

  • create accessible forms, handling data validation and errors


Up Your A11y is run by me, Suzanne, a software developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. A few years ago I began to realise how little I understood about web accessibility, despite working in a mid-level developer role for some major national brands. In trying to fill this gap in my knowledge, I found lots of great resources and started collecting notes and examples. These became the basis of Up Your A11y, which I’ve built in the hope that it will help other developers place accessibility at the heart of their work.

I found it most difficult to find resources relating to Single Page Applications, which is why Up Your A11y has a specific React section, and I hope in future this will expand to cover other frameworks.

I'm learning every day, and committed to expanding this site with more topics and examples. I would definitely value engagement from anyone who visits, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the details below.



Up Your A11y is open source, and contributions are welcome: Visit the GitHub repository


To date, this site and its tutorials are 100% created and maintained by me, Suzanne. If you’d like to support the work I do, please consider buying me a coffee:

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