a11y for React

  • Handling Focus on Route Change in React

    Any client-side route rendering can result in confusion and loss of context for assistive technology users. This article describes and demonstrates the problem, along with a quick solution that can easily be implemented in your apps, so you can make sure that all users can engage with your content.

  • Handling Page Titles in React

    Without explicitly managing it, the page title in your React app will never change. Find out how this affects diverse users, and a method to manage your page titles.

  • Heading Levels in Reusable Components

    React empowers us to re-use components across our apps, but it's important to consider how component re-use could affect accessibility. This topic demonstrates an easy way to build flexible components that don't compromise heading level structure.

  • Accessibility-first React Integration Tests

    Increase your confidence in your app's accessibility by writing React tests that focus on elements perceivable by the widest range of users.